Lettuce Rainbows



The cool wet weather has been a boon for Triple Chick lettuce. A whole new crop have come on in the unheated high tunnels bringing a new range of colors and textures. I’m always amazed at Mother Nature’s range – even in a single crop: lettuce. The same variety grown in different conditions – heated greenhouse, high tunnel or open field – will yield different results. Deeper reds and firmer texture characterize the high tunnel crops now available at the farm stand along with the more delicate crops from the heated greenhouses.

Speaking of range, we made another pilgrimage to Fiore in Bar Harbor – although the product is now available in Northeast too. I can not get enough of the balsamic vinegars and divine oils. I thought I would never stray from the Blackberry Ginger Aged Balsamic but discovered a new love this week – Pomegranate Quince. What could be easier than mixing up 2/3 vinegar to 1/3 oil and some good salt and dumping it on some Triple Chick greens. ┬áHeaven.


Jun 29, 2013

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