Spring Fever


Late Spring brings a bounty of baby vegetables – perfect for elegant and easy hors d’oeuvres.  Last week friends and family gathered for my birthday which fell on a weekday in the middle of exam week.  Quick and easy ruled.  The baby carrots, Japanese turnips and multicolored radishes were ready in a flash.  We don’t even peel the carrots – just wash with a brush and the green tips on the radishes and turnips serve as edible toothpicks too.

We served the vegetables with a garlic mayonnaise I learned from my absolute bible, In the Green Kitchen, by Alice Waters.  Chez Panisse chef, Jerome Waag, gives a detailed and well illustrated guide to making home made mayonnaise.  A mortar and pestle, a bowl and a whisk yield a golden treasure in less than ten minutes and its a great way to use our Triple Chick egg yolks.  I add a little more lemon juice than the recipe calls for but that is a matter of taste.  The best olive oil helps too and with the variety now available, experimenting is fun.


Jun 12, 2013

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