Strong to the Finish Spinach

Spinach2_2013The spinach in our greenhouses now is truly amazing – much more deserving of precious olive oil than the canned stuff that Popeye loved and with none of the acrid bite associated with the frozen kind. The leaves are larger than your hand – more like swiss chard – but velvety and tender. Easy to wash and chop – these large leaves let you finally cook enough. Rather than ending up with a sad mound of steamed spinach the size of a tennis ball, Triple Chick Spinach will yield a side dish to be proud of. Just rinse the leaves and chop into coarse ribbons. Barely cover the bottom of a pan with water and add a dash of olive oil or butter. Stir and cook on high heat, adding ribbons as they cook down. A squeeze of lemon and you are ready to take on any Brutus that comes along.

May 25, 2013

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