What’s Growing

Triple Chick Farm is Dedicated to Producing Healthy, Organic Food as Pure as the Island Itself.

IMG_7473 Hot House Cucumbers

We have early cucumbers in the greenhouse. They are generous and delicate – minimal seeds and tender skins. This was a trial run so they sell out fast at the farm stand but we have a nice crop for tomorrow morning.

DSCN0119 Baby Carrots

These baby carrots are the real thing.  That is to say they are really young carrots rather than old carrots cut to a uniform small shape.  While rumors of serious health concerns due to chlorine and processing of cut and shaped baby carrots are likely overblown, real baby carrots have one clear advantage – they still have their skins and the skins are tender enough to enjoy.   Everyone’s mother was right – a lot of nutrients are housed in a vegetable’s skin.  Leaving it on is good nutrition.  With extremely young, tender carrots, you don’t have to trade nutrition for pleasure.  We just wash ours with a brush and even my eight year old gobbles them up.

lettuce Lettuce

Triple Chick Farm lettuce is renowned for its quality and variety. Early generations grow in the greenhouse and are especially tender. A tip for fresh lettuce: wash and spin dry the leaves and store in an air tight bag or container. Properly handled it will last for weeks. Left on a shelf, it will wilt faster than its grocery store cousin.

Salad Turnips

This delicate turnips are the envy of any salad. Slice the white bulb for a crunchy treat – more delicate than a radish, more meaningful than a cucumber. The greens are also excellent for a spicier salad mix.

kale Swiss Chard

Rainbow swiss chard is available early and most of the season. The greenhouse plants seem especially tender and mild. Chop and sauté the whole bunch for a great shot of vitamin A.

Red rhubarb Rhubarb

A spring treat if ever there was one. Rhubarb is a hearty perennial and we are thrilled to have brought our patch back to life. Chop and stew with a small measure of sugar for an excellent summer dessert or back and freeze a pie for July 4th.

Also available this week:

early beets and beet greens, spinach, herbs and eggs.

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